At The Jam Lab, we believe the success of a production lies within the relationship between the producer and the artist. Since 2012, we have worked hands-on with artists to help bring their vision to life; from songwriting and arranging, to tracking and mixing, all the way to mastering and release. We are dedicated to our clients, and proud to put our stamp on everything that leaves our building.

Colin Peterik is owner and Chief Engineer of The Jam Lab. Son of Jim Peterik, (The Ides of March, formerly Survivor), Colin and Jim always dreamt of building the perfect studio; flexible for all genres of music, spacious enough to host large ensembles, with an inspirational atmosphere for artists. What started out as a vision became a reality through years of hard work, passion, and a universal love for music.

Colin has been producing and developing artists for over 10 years; bringing technical, musical, and business knowledge to the table. Colin is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist as well, fronting a solo project and Steely Dan tribute band "Brooklyn Charmers".

The Jam Lab has staff and resources to help complete any production; from videography to film editing to social media marketing. 

Colin Peterik
Owner/Chief Engineer



The Jam Lab is a recording complex with flexible isolation rooms perfect for any project.

Our control room houses a Protools HD system, with panoramic views of all the rooms, including:

"Studio A", built by Karp Designs, acoustically treated and large enough to fit an entire band. Floated floors to absorb sound, and fantastic natural sounds from the source.

A 'dry' booth perfect for voice overs and amplifier isolation.


Our live drum room, perfect for capturing tight ambiance from a drum set or acoustic guitar.


Our "big room", with barrel truss ceiling capable of huge sounds and large ensembles.


We have a wide array of boutique microphones, preamps, amplification, guitars and keyboards, as well as a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano and Sonor Prolite Studio drum kit.



We can take your project from concept to finished product. Our production services include arranging, scoring, tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing and mastering. With a wide network of session musicians and videographers, we are truly a one-stop-shop for audio/video production.

We can work with you to integrate audio and video in ways that engage your audience and maximize your potential for exposure.

We have preferred social media experts that will work with your budget to reach your target market and optimize your social media campaigns.


Take your band rehearsals to the next level at The Jam Lab. Perform on a concert stage, complete with drum riser, custom designed stage monitors, JBL sound system, instrument backline and pro stage lighting. 


Our audio engineers work with you to get your mix just right, and can program your custom mix for future rehearsals.

Bring a USB thumb drive to record your entire rehearsal for no additional charge. Listening back and making notes is a great way to get the most value out of your rehearsal.


The Jam Lab is a unique venue for private concerts, music recitals, birthday parties, karaoke parties, business events, wedding receptions, and much more. Let us work with you to customize our space for your perfect event! The venue even opens up into a gorgeous private backyard for the ultimate summer bash.

Our capacity is 120, our amenities include: two bathrooms, a kitchenette, big screen TV, stage, stage lighting and sound system, tables and couches, folding chairs, coat closet, and dressing room.

For more information about renting the Jam Lab for a private event, please contact us here.

Gary Jerkatis
Live Sound Engineer